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Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans

(401(k), SEP IRA, Simple IRA, HSA, HRA) 


A very difficult and yet rewarding decision facing most employers is how to offer a retirement plan to it’s employees. It is vital that all employers understand that certain actions must be taken, which involve specific responsibilities, when you elect to administer a retirement plan. Bliss Wealth Management can help your company understand the basic fiduciary responsibilities that apply to employers and administrators of retirement plans.


As a fiduciary, while you attempt to provide your employees with a secure financial future, you must understand and consider the costs of providing the retirement plan. The different ways in which fees and expenses are charged may affect the overall plan. Bliss Wealth Management will assist you in understanding the administrative, investment and expenses associated with your retirement plan.

In today’s rapidly changing retirement landscape, business owners need a trusted retirement partner who offers administrative expertise and comprehensive services to help implement and manage successful retirement strategies.

We offer the tools and resources to service the qualified retirement plan marketplace with confidence; providing clients outstanding service and advice at both the corporate and participant level. As your retirement partner, we can provide advice and service individually tailored to the specific needs of your company.



  • Administration and Recordkeeping
  • Knowledgeable Plan Specialists
  • Open Architecture Platform
  • Envestnet Portal
  • 3(38) Investment Advisory Support
  • Investment Policy Statements
  • Co-Branded Proposals for Plan Sponsors
  • Customized Marketing Resources
  • Comprehensive Investment Options
  • Demographic Reporting
  • Fee Benchmarking
  • Website Access to Plan Information
  • Quarterly Investment Monitoring Reports
  • Ongoing Investment Review and Analysis
  • Participant Educational Materials
  • Legislative Updates


We are committed to providing you with the resources needed to effectively select, manage, and monitor your retirement plan; giving you access to detailed information about your plan(s) and participants, including:


  • Plan Documents and Summary Plan Description
  • Plan Summary Information
  • Plan Balances and Participant Balances
  • Investment Profiles and Return Information
  • On-Demand Participant Statements and Other Reports
  • Plan Specific Forms
  • Detailed Transaction History