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Examining Your Portfolio

Our Portfolio and Risk Analysis will break down and report on the hidden cost of retail brokerage accounts and mutual funds. If you are currently positioned in a retail account that is loaded with mutual funds, we should have an intelligent conversation on this subject. The Portfolio and Risk Analysis can illustrate not only what can happen during thriving markets but what an investor can potentially lose in a down market as well.

Our Variable Annuity Report is available to assist you to identify fees, such as, mortality & expense fees, administration charges, income benefit rider fees, death benefit rider fees, sub account expense ratio costs and turnover/trading costs. All of this information can help the client and advisor to decide if the VA should be maintained or if some changes are in order. We will get on the phone with a customer service representative of the insurance company holding your funds. We will ask every question from the Florida Department of Financial Services Disclosure and Comparison of Annuity Contracts form and a host of other questions to dissect every fee and rider. At the end of the call you will be provided with a copy of the information gathered. It is likely that for the first time you will understand what you have purchased. Recommendations will only be made after all the facts have been gathered. That way, you are assured all recommendations are in your best interests.