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Our Clients Want

There are three things most of our clients want and that we believe in. When it comes to their money, when it comes to their principal, it's "safety first." Meaning, our clients want at least some of their money in a position that will be protected from the devastating impact of another market crash. This is especially true for retirement accounts that must be relied upon to provide stable income to cover lifestyle expenses.

The second thing that our clients want is a reasonable rate of return over time. Our clients typically want an average net rate of return in the range of 4% to 7%, over time, for their conservatively-invested funds.

The third thing our clients want is to keep things simple and easy to understand.

Is that what you want? If it is, we may be a good fit.

In addition to the three things as outlined above, following is a list of important items many of our clients want:

  • Dependable Income That May Increase Over Time
  • Low Fees or No Fees
  • Income Tax Savings, Whenever Possible