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Retirement Income Planning


Individuals may decide to have a steady income stream as an investment objective. Unfortunately, many investors simply do not have the know how to implement and effective investment strategy to accomplish this goal. There are options available which can create ongoing and recurring lifetime income. Wealthwise Technologies has the expertise to assist our clients in making effective decisions to meet this investment objective.


Many investors wonder if it is possible to receive a reasonable rate of return in an unreasonable global economy. More important, individuals have felt the negative market effects in their retirement plans and portfolios. Many individuals are unaware of the many options which are available and therefore conclude that positive results are not consistent with their particular retirement or investing objectives. However, there are existing investment strategies which can minimize loss while delivering a reasonable rate of return. Join us at our next workshop for a more detailed discussion of these available retirement and investment options.


This is a very important decision facing many individuals at the gate of retirement. Many employees elect the lump sum payment option at retirement, thinking they can manage their money in a prudent way. Other individuals choose to have a defined pension payment for life, reasoning that this is the safe and easy retirement option. Wealthwise Technologies has assisted many clients in their retirement payout decisions. Why not inquire as to how we can assist you in making the best long-term retirement income decisions?